About Gen Alpha

We are Johnny & Stefany; we are the founders of Gen Alpha Gift shop & Party Supplies.

This idea was inspired by Gen Alpha Generation, they are characterized by being digital natives and spending so much hours in front of screens therefore we decided to create an Online Shop to make our clients life so much easier purchasing their gifts and their party supplies from everywhere.

Above all we would like to bring a  little of happiness and fun to you and your loved ones with our gifts and party supplies during such of difficult time, there is a Spanish song which we love to listen all the times “La vida es un carnaval” meaning Life is a carnival, that song talks about difficult times but at the end what matters are the good memories, so let’s party and make good memories.

When you hear “Party Supplies” you may right away think about balloons and decoration, but we are going beyond than that, our party supplies are great products that take your party to next level of fun and our gifts are the perfect present for any occasion for all ages and for our pets too. Our priority is our customers, we offer free consultation for our party products and a free demonstration for our gifts furthermore we have free same day delivery for our local customers. As Local business we are reachable always and our customer service is personalized according to your needs.

Gen Alpha Gift Shop and Party Supplies is managed directly for us, we do not have robots to talk for us, we always will be there to answer your questions and to bring the best quality of service so you can be satisfied with your purchase.


About Genalpha